latest condition..: good or bad?

Posted: May 4, 2007 in LiFe^n^FamilY

bismillah..with the name of prefer to speak malay as my english was not too good..

semenjak due ni…… hari rase cam x tenterammm jee…i donoe y..maybe i am too fond of computer until i 4got other things… since kak ya’s left her DELL laptop’s home..i was very elated n..can say..almost 24 hours i’m in front of d computer’s screen.. i donoe what i was doing.. exploring her computer is very very interesting. the pc’s RAM was bigger than kak yi’s pc RAM… so..the computer was definitely quick. beneath of all, i was stucked in front of the pc ‘s screen wasting, wasting n wasting nite, i always joined conference with chatters members..i can considered them as my new pals..passions overwhelming. they’re funny n we’re all joking all the tyme. until i am absolutely lost myself for too fond of chatting n conferencing n bla3. the ‘nothings’ thing that made me love to do over n over again..until.. the ‘nothings’ things always entered my mind in my solah..Ya Allah..jahilnya..dalam solat pun ingat dunia..bleyh x fokus… N, sumtymes..i kept smiling myself..when i remembered the jokes, the conversations in my chatting mom also kept wondering why i used to smile to myself..’macam org x btul die kate..’.. she was also the one that always remind me over n over again to stop my bad habits..chatting that gains nothing.. um..i only can reduce.. i was not sure that i can leave my chattings n frenstring on d spot.. so, my thought was true, i can’t stop it on d spot.. but steps was taken to reduce d habitss…woooooooohooooooooo… until one day, my sis came back home n decided to bring her pc’c back……… n there it’s gone…

but after all, d story didn;t stop i am very addicted to frenster n ym, i borrowed my mom;s laptop which is goverment laptop.. i know that was a bad habit, misused the laptop, mom also smuggled whenever i asked her…….. then,d story goes.. my sis that study here, in ktn, came home n bring her lptops all along, as she always use home as the place to downloads moviies, asean dramas, n etc.. fever on playing computer was i am freely using her laptop as well when she isn’t around at home.. playing computer is much much much more funnnnnnnn… u imagine.. i can left my family members at d living room n i am alone in d room playing computer..sometimes.. i think.. i had neglect the tyme with family a lot………. ohh…im very ver sorry.. tyme with familt is the worthiest moment to spend with!!! especially with our beloved parents.. oh my god, astagfirullah, mom n very sorry..

this is d story about how i am very addicted in using computer, surfing nothing, but always check my frenster n chatting NOTHING things with my frens around, not yet another story n experienced of mine who was very elated in my school’s prize giving ceremony as i neglected THE ONE that is very important 4 any MUSLIMs.. n… actually, my dad had realized it..i dont know why things that my dad said is appear to be true.. al sp not yet my personal feelings bout what had happened in my home in d past few days, maybe my anger, n my sadness that i didn;t deliver 100% to anyone to overcome it.. i think, better stop here, as too much words in one entry an make ur mind dizzy n boring to read it.. huhu..till now then, asar jus knocked my ear just now, i am trying to be a better servant of ALLAH, in improving my prayer tyme.. thanks 4 all, any comment or idea is very welcomed.. i donoe whether my english is quite good 4 others to understand, huhu, maybe only me that can understand it clearly……………………

till now then, peace in ALLAH’s love..(^-^)


~DaRulH,4.52 petang, home sweet home, Kuantan~


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