happy days..

Posted: May 20, 2007 in LiFe^n^FamilY

bismillah ..with d name of Allah the most merciful n compassionate..

1st things 1st..i would like to wish a belated happy mother’s day to my beloved majestic angelic mom..angel of my heart.. no one can replace u mom.. u are very strong mom.. taking a deep care for us, nursing us with all ur might form our childhood until we are now bigger ma.. 9 months every of us stay in ur tummy.. 9 months 10 day for everyone.. if the period times with 8 childs that u have, it means…72 months u have pregnant! wow..amazing mom.. i know sumtimes we are soooo lazy to help u doing d house chores.. or sumtymes we are even felt lazy to cook by ourselves..hihi n waiting 4 u cook something 4 luch, dinner or whatsoever..in facts, ur dishes is tastier than ours.. only Allah may repay u righfully back MA..n may u will be granted happiness life ever after.. may u deserved d income 4m what u’ve done.. thousand apology of what we’ve done..n.. truly, we love you MOM(n dad also)!


lately, kaklong with her cutey sons decided to stay at our house for a while as her health wasn’t in really good condition. Abg Farid was also not here, he was away to Makkah to perform his 1st umrah with his father, leaving kalong, amad, n nabil at home.Nabil was also not feeling well lately, as he got fever n selesema. pity of nabil. i think he started to get fever during d night that i let them(he n amad) playing with laptop to learn ABC(although they had learn it for 100 tymes i think).. n eventually, they got themselves to sleep on the floor(on d carpet) dgn terbungkangye..siannye..aku da tido awal dlu while they grew in xcitement learning the ABC on9 again.. muhammad is a fast-learner, he can now use his small finger to move d cursor when he used laptop after been taught ONCE.. only then he gained trust 4m me to use laptop by himself.. as a bro, i saluted him a bit as he is quite sensible n responsible..hm…………nice to have nephews like u all kids…

hmm…………………..l8ly also, i’d a small quarrel with my ex-classmate.. i don’t really understand him i might say, n i hope the things ended there peacefully. Although i think i am really not d right person to be blame, but i hope everything was over after this. then, when i was thinking bout that matter again,  hmmm… i always thought hat was a small matter that unrational to arguing extremely.. i may say that i ‘m lil bit stressed out n depressed, but after all, i know there is something beneficial that i can get..mesti ade hikmahnye kan..huuu..let it happens.. um, i think till now then, ‘asar pn da masuk.. i really need to improve my english lg. writing skills next time, so if u noticed any mistakes, dun hesitate to comment kay…huhuhu

p /s: i’ve already got my L license last week..alhamdullilah even it’s very late comparing than my friends.. other good news is there’ll be a new motorcycle at home! yuuhuuu~! thnaks God. boleyla ronda2 pasni..boley berlatih naik slalu ksi mahir..nnti nk amik test plak..start blaja keta utk P mule selasa ni.. ajak kayi tlg ajar arini..tu pn kalo die sanggup da..get full used of her when she came back home~!hihihi

huda-n-kaklong.jpgcikda n kak long…one of my best friends at home..smile to d ears~

~darulH,4.54 pm 20 may O7


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