al aqsa conspiracy~

Posted: October 9, 2007 in artikel islam, spirituality

salam..bismillah.. 4 d past few weeks, i’ve attend amanpalestin week in my campus, uiam pj.. n the week was awesome. i’ve gained knowledges bout palestin, n yet the week nourishes my spirit n sensivity in knowing bout muslims in palestine.. i’ve discover a lot–4 me( act it is very lil ) bout the quds area, which consists the masjidil aqsa, al-sakhra or formerly known as the dome of rock( i thought this is d real masjidil aqsa earlier), buraq wall(wailing wall) and many other unique features include of arches and some other things that i still in my way to learn bout it. there, we also been exposed to the poverty of muslims there, also the harshness of the disgusted soldiers of (u know who). they(u know who) exactly want to announced ‘perang melawan kejahatan’ but exactly they are the one who act the inverse way. act, the slogan is dedicated to all mukminin n muslimin all over d world-adapted 4m madam *a*imah, palestine’s activist n the speaker for the first talk during the week. alhamdulillah..

“ya Allah, selamatkan dan sejahterakanlah sedare2 Islam kami di palestine, afghanistan, iraq, fi kulli makan wa fi kulli zaman, ya ar -Rahman ya ar-Rahim..”


  1. Zatul says:

    salam alaik..
    huda,tulisan kecik la..
    besarkan skit..
    nnti rosak mate i..

  2. hudaidris says:

    haha..tenQ…ana tak tau gane nak ubah ye…so ente ubahkan kt skrin browser enti la yer.. so, dsbbkan tu gek, tu yg ana wat blogspot tu..hihiii…kalu tambah power jgn ssalahkan ana tau..hehe

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